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We know that putting a professional finish on your documents isn’t normally the difference between life or death.  It can however make a massive difference to how they look and might even help you to win some work.
Both ‘Spiral and Wiro binding’ are an ideal way of giving a professional finish to presentations, manuals and other reference documents.
Plastic or wire coils are fed into a series of holes punched along one side of each page and the front and back covers to hold each document.
The plastic Spiral binding comes in a range of sizes and is recommended for any document that you want to lie flat or fold back on itself.  Documents are bound with plastic coils on our binding machine and a protective clear acetate cover can be added to help keep them in mint condition.
Other terms you might hear are coil binding, spiral coil, colour coil and coilbind.
Wiro binding uses metal coils to provide a high-quality finish which is great for creating documents or presentations that you want to share with your customers.
The hole punched documents are fed into a C shaped wire spine which is then clenched shut until it is round.
Also available in a range of finishes and sizes, a Wiro bound booklet can lay flat on a table, just like a Spiral bound booklet. However, when you lay a Spiral bound booklet flat on the table, the facing pages will not align exactly.  The wire loops in a Wiro bound booklet are parallel to one another so the facing pages will align exactly when laid flat. You might prefer this if you have images in your book that extend across two pages like a large photo or a map.
Other terms you might hear for this finish are wire, twin loop wire, double loop wire, double-o, ring wire and wirebind.
When to use Spiral or Wiro binding
Use these binding finishes if you need to print items like manuals or presentations that  need to be opened flat for photocopying or referring to while you work.
They can also make your sales presentation stand out from competitors, especially if printed on a thick A3 paper stock that will instantly create a superior quality feel.  Whether you need lots or just a handful we can sort them for you.
Wiro binding can be used on promotional gifts too such as corporate calendars which Myprint can design and print for you.
For other binding options for your booklets and brochures view our articles on Perfect Binding and Saddle Stitching.
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