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Creative Print For Campaigns

Design, Print, Action!

Sometimes our customers need a bit more support than some printed leaflets or beautiful brochures.
Often, they need a blend of ideas that will make their campaign stand out, get noticed and create action.
That is what was needed for a client who wanted to promote a window business to a variety of customers in specific ways. We reviewed the brief to understand the different elements that were required and proposed solutions that would create the desired impact.
This resulted in a direct mail pack comprising of a small landscape printed booklet enclosed in a die cut folder, coloured foil wrapped chocolates to fit the colour theme of the campaign with printed stickers, all sealed in a super shiny envelope to entice the recipient to open it.
Our team printed and managed the entire process from start to finish including collating everything into the envelopes and mailing out to the list provided.
Slim DL sized leaflets were also printed and bundled into packs of 25 for the client to distribute.
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Embossed and Debossed Print

Don’t Let Your Print Fall Flat

Have you ever picked up a piece of print that had a raised image that you couldn’t help running your fingers across?  You probably thought it looked interesting too.
‘Embossing’ and ‘Debossing’ are two print techniques used to either raise or lower an image or text into paper. Both are a fantastic way of giving your print a fresh, superior look and feel.
This is the print process of pressing a logo or graphic design into paper or card stock from underneath which gives the raised image a 3D effect. The most effective embossed pieces use a heavier paper stock to highlight the depth and detail of the embossed graphics.
The embossed area can be printed, foil stamped usually using gold or silver heat pressed foil or left without ink also known as blind embossing.
You can emboss a range of printed items to add a high-quality finish such as mailers, folders, menus, business cards, invitations and more.

Foil Stamped

Debossing is the opposite of embossing with the design image imprinted into your piece of print to create a depressed effect. Just like embossing, you can choose to leave the debossed area untouched, fill it in with ink or foil stamp it.
Both processes work better using a coloured board without ink (blind embossing/debossing) or next to printed images so you maximise the 3D effect.
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Getting personal this Christmas


Yes –  it’s almost that time again when you will be thinking of what to send to your clients to say thank you for their business over 2017.  To make it more personal and to get your design and brand out there why not order your own branded Christmas cards from Myprint?

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This is a fun example of what we designed and sent out last year…

Give us a call to have a Christmas card confab today…


Horizon SPF/FC-200A stitch-fold-trim Bookletmaker

We’ve purchased the new Horizon SPF/FC-200A bookletmaker running at speeds of  4,500 booklets per hour, JDF-ready so it can communicate with our Pre Press systems, the Horizon SPF/FC-200A features a 200-programme job memory storage for instant recall, an icon-based touchscreen for job set-up and a 10-station VAC-Turbo 1000 PowerCollator.


Printweek Myprint Parters articel

Here’s a nice article from PrintWeek…