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Design, Print, Action!

Sometimes our customers need a bit more support than some printed leaflets or beautiful brochures.
Often, they need a blend of ideas that will make their campaign stand out, get noticed and create action.
That is what was needed for a client who wanted to promote a window business to a variety of customers in specific ways. We reviewed the brief to understand the different elements that were required and proposed solutions that would create the desired impact.
This resulted in a direct mail pack comprising of a small landscape printed booklet enclosed in a die cut folder, coloured foil wrapped chocolates to fit the colour theme of the campaign with printed stickers, all sealed in a super shiny envelope to entice the recipient to open it.
Our team printed and managed the entire process from start to finish including collating everything into the envelopes and mailing out to the list provided.
Slim DL sized leaflets were also printed and bundled into packs of 25 for the client to distribute.
For all your campaign print requirements contact our team today 0114 399 8866.
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